We had it all, until it got cold.

My partner retired many years ago, and I followed suit and retired last year; All of us decided to sell the condo as quickly as we could and buy a big camper on wheels.

All of us had a small RV way back when all of the children were young, however both of us stopped going camping often when the teenagers went to college. All of us both talked about how we wanted to be spending some time in the mountains, desert, and beach in our later years. After retirement, both of us had the perfect opportunity to make those dreams finally come true… For the past many years, my partner and I have been joyously traveling all over the country going to see all parts of the landscape. All of us enjoy spending a few days here and a few afternoons there. All of us have a few friends located in every part of the world. To be honest, yesterday was the first time that both of us ever had any issue with the heating or cooling in our camper, but luckily, the problem happened on a night when the hot and cold temperatures were not genuinely too dangerously low! My partner and I were getting ready to go to sleep for the night, when 5 minutes later both of us heard a strange noise coming from the heater. To me, it sounded as if something busted and both of us could not find any way to service the problem. Then, no matter what both of us did, both of us could not get the heat to work. My partner and I called a few friends the next morning for help to service the heater. In the end, I was thankful that both of us didn’t have to buy a modern heater.


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