We saved and saved

In the beginning of last year, the AC stopped working.

  • My wife and I didn’t have enough spare money to update the central AC professionally, so both of us decided to buy several big window units to get by.

It was going to cost almost 3,500 to update the AC, and both of us obtained several big window units for less than $200. My wife and I found a finance contractor that would be able help us with the balance as long as both of us can come up with half of the necessary money. All of us have spent the entirety of last year trying to carefully save enough money to update the AC system in our home. We’ve been going separate from so many of the things that both of us love so both of us can make that AC replacement happen more abruptly. All of us hardly leave the condo and go out to eat or do anything. Now it is almost a year later and my wife and I finally have saved enough money to update the system. We set up an appointment with the Heating and Air Conditioning dealer for as soon as possible. Next week, my wife and I are looking forward to having a working central AC in our home again. I’m not sure what both of us will eventually do with the several window units, because both of us will hopefully not need them anymore. Even if we throw the AC window units away, I don’t care. I’m just happy to finally be upgrading.


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