When I went to the doctor last week, the HVAC system was torn up

I had to go to the doctor last week and it turned out that their heating and cooling system was torn up when I was there.

I was a little bit shocked when I walked into the lobby and it was actually colder inside than it was outside! Spring is just around the corner, but the temperatures outside are still pretty chilly in the morning.

Usually it doesn’t start heating up around here until the early afternoon and so most of the time, people keep their furnace running until noon or thereabouts. So when I went into the lobby of the doctors’ office and the central heating system wasn’t turned on, I was surprised. Then I noticed that the receptionist had on a winter coat. She looked really funny sitting at her desk with her furry hood pulled up over her head and so I asked her what was going on with the heating system in the building. She said that the entire central heating system in the office building had stopped working the day before, and that they were still waiting for their commercial HVAC company to get there to fix it. For the time being, they had three or four space heaters placed strategically here and there around the lobby to provide a little bit of heat to the area, but by the time they called me back into the examination room, I was freezing. I was definitely no better off in the exam room, though! Paper gowns don’t provide much warmth, that’s for sure. I was happy to leave and turn the heating system in my car on full blast.


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