Why am I the only one here?

I was the only person reporting to the office on the weekend. I went to finish the end of the week paperwork for the massive billing department. I was only planning on spending a couple of hours, maximum, in the office, so I told our guy that I would be at the beach house again for brunch. At first, everything was going as planned until the AC stopped working. For a while, I started feeling hot. Then, I did not feel any cold air coming out of the HVAC duct. I thought idealistically at first, that it was just a single vent, even though I worked carefully around the office & no matter where I went, I did not feel cold air anywhere. The control component was up and running & I could hear the AC working. Unluckily, the only thing I noticed that was coming out of the duct was a steady stream of warm air. I truly did not want to contact our boss, because it was the weekend and I didn’t need more nonsense. I did not feel as if I had a choice, so I picked up the iPhone & dialed his number. I still did not receive a response after more than 3 hours, so I decided to stop working in the heat & go home. I turned off the control component to the AC, so perhaps the people I was with and I could at least save some money on the electric bill. I hope my boss gets my message and takes care of the AC before Monday rolls around.

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