Working at a tree farm is hard work

When I first started working on an evergreen tree farm, it was the middle of the summer and the temperatures were really hot.

When the sun would beat down on your back during the summer, you would feel like you were just going to melt away or something.

The temperatures around here can get to be in the nineties during the summer, although we are mostly known for milder temperatures up here in the mountains where Christmas trees generally thrive. I thought it was hard work during the summer, and so I thought that it would be better during the winter when the weather started cooling down just a little bit. Of course, most humans are like me and they think that what they don’t have will be better. The whole grass in greener on the other side mentality and all that! Well, after the fall came and went, the temperatures started cooling down immediately and suddenly it was freezing cold outside. We were working in the cold all day long and there aren’t any heaters out in the middle of a big Christmas tree field. We would go and work for about 45 minutes and then have to run into one of the barns to get warm next to the oil heaters that they keep in there. In one of the buildings, there’s actually a fireplace that you can sit down next to and warm up with a cup of coffee. It’s really for the customers who come to get trees, but sometimes the farm workers have to go in there too!

Electric fireplace