Workplace Ventilation and Workplace Productivity

Every corporation, big or small’s key goal is to improve employee productivity.

If you are looking for ways to support that goal, it’s smart to increase your workplace ventilation to improve office air quality.

Temperature isn’t the only component of office air quality that impacts productivity. High humidity levels hinder comfort and focus and high CO2 levels reduce cognitive function. The poor air quality in office building has its roots in the energy crisis of the 1970’s. To try to save energy, buildings were sealed to reduce leakage of heated and cooled air to the outside. That created a new problem of buildup of indoor air pollutants and a rise in sick symptoms. Since the Coronavirus pandemic began, poor workplace ventilation is an even bigger problem. Companies are spending millions to renovate spaces to add light and shared workplace experiences that improve engagement, and they do not even realize that improving the air quality is a more affordable costs and may result in more productivity. Research shows that companies could gain in productivity improvement simply by doubling workplace ventilation. Doubling the ventilation is the average change that researchers found is needed to see the reported productivity gains. You will also need monitoring, system inspections and advice from a professional HVAC technician. A technician can determine exactly what is needed to get those benefits in your workplace by doubling your ventilation system.

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