you have too many cats

Sue likes her cats.

She has 3 cats and they have a lot of fur between them.

When they shed, she usually vacuums the sofa and uses a large lint roller on her clothes. One weekend, she easily observed that her air conditioning system wasn’t blowing as strenuously into the home as usual. When she called the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier on-site, they told her to check her filter and the vents first. When she carefully pulled the filter out, it was completely covered in animal hair and clogged. She then inspected the vents and observed the same thing was occurring. She realized that she would have to be more conscience each day about this issue if she wanted her air conditioning system to properly function at its full capacity. After she updated the on board air filter and cleaned the vents, her air conditioning system was immediately blowing fine. After that, she was more aware each week when the filters needed to be clean door updated. Sue wanted even more cats, but felt distraught that the filters would not be able to properly keep up with all that fur! She inspected her existing air conditioning system system yearly and always made sure to keep up with the cleaning of the vents. Sue was eventually able to get more cats, and kept up with the continual cleaning of the air conditioning system vents. She eventually got herself married and had her hubby had a severe animal flu symptoms. Sue was forced to get rid of her cats. She was beyond aggravated but provided them to her friend at that point so she was able to visit with them often.
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