Your cooling machine is excellent at dealing with humidity

Anybody that has spent any time in the South totally knows – Humidity is the enemy.

I have recently taken up walking in an attempt to lose a fair amount of weight.

It’s December and I expected to be bundling up with multiple layers. Instead, today it is a balmy 75 degrees – really great t-shirt weather for a quick a single mile walk. Until you walk out the door and realize the humidity is 100%. I know – I looked it up on WeatherUnderground. I was actually tempted to split my walk short just to get back inside to my friendly cooling machine. Really now, if humidity is the enemy, then your cooling machine is definitely your friend! Just thinking about that lovely cooling machine waiting for me honestly made it tempting to split my walk short. The thermostat can be set on 75 degrees, but as long as the cooling machine kicks on every so often, it will help control the inside humidity levels. Most people do not really think about their cooling machine as being a dehumidifier. Some water restoration repair providers will recommend that their clients use their cooling machine as a dehumidifier if they have had water damage to their residence. While the people I was with and I know dehumidification is not the primary function of a cooling machine, it will honestly help control the moisture in your residence. I have also noticed that cooking and pet smells are more frequent when the humidity level is higher in the residence and the cooling machine seems to help control these smells as it lowers the humidity. Our cooling machines task for us in more ways than the people I was with and I know and they are easily our friend.

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