A butcher’s guide to quality HVAC maintenance

I got the idea from my cousin, who delivers meat products all over the country. I considered which business to boost my income. My cousin suggested I set up a shop, fit it with a quality fridge and sound HVAC system, and then deliver the meat products to me for resale. After weighing the pros and cons, I proceeded. The place I got was in a vantage point, and there were people and car traffic every time of the year. The site needed a bit of renovation, and it had new HVAC equipment. The previous tenant had booked the HVAC business to do the HVAC installation before his business forced him to relocate. I quickly set up what I would need for the new company, and before reopening, I had the HVAC repairman from the local company check out the state of the HVAC unit. I got the necessary documents from the county government and opened the business. It was lucrative from the start, and as we went along, we gained more customers. I completely forgot that the quality HVAC system needs regular repairs and tune-ups. When I opened my business early morning on a Saturday, the door was frozen shut. The system had malfunctioned, and the shop’s interior was the same temperature as outside. I contacted the HVAC professional and was surprised by their swiftness. The HVAC providers came with a replacement of the worn-out parts and also carried out the HVAC maintenance in about an hour to help with indoor comfort. The HVAC brand I had was famous, so replacing the parts was relatively easy. They even replaced the outdated regulator with a smart thermostat.


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