A/C isn’t included in rent and costs a fortune to operate

I had a really great job opportunity, but I needed to move down south.

I had little advance warning and had to manage the move in a rush.

I barely had the chance to pack up everything and make the twelve hour drive. I was in such a hurry that I found a place to live through pictures and ads online. I made sure to choose a locale in close proximity to my office building. I made covered parking a priority and found an apartment near lots of restaurants, nightlife, a theater and grocery store. I should have paid closer attention to the more mundane details. I wasn’t aware that the utilities weren’t part of the rent. I never considered the possibility that the A/C would super outdated. I found all this out when I moved in. I immediately saw the plastic dial for the thermostat and never I was in trouble. The thermostat was obviously older than my grandpa. Even in the early part of May, the outdoor temperature was in the eighties, with high humidity, and air conditioning was vital. I adjusted the thermostat and the A/C offered up a horrible screeching. The air wheezing from the vents was downright warm and smelled fishy. The A/C put out hardly any air. It seemed to run constantly yet couldn’t handle the heat. The apartment perpetually felt overheated and slammy. The stink of the air conditioned air often made me sick. My energy bills were so expensive that I considered looking for a second job. Unfortunately, I’d signed a year’s lease. I was stuck in that outdated apartment. As soon as possible, I moved to a better place. Although the rent in the new building was much higher, I was worth it. I now save enough on energy bills that I actually pay less every month. And I get to enjoy the benefits of a modern air conditioner.

Cooling expert