A portable air conditioner for the cabin

My friends and I have a habit of getting together, having a few drinks and maybe a little bit to smoke, and then coming up with huge plans.

The next day, we all decide that it was just drunk talk and never follow through on any of our ideas.

This happens more than you might think. The last time it happened, we decided to go to the cabin on the lake for a “party week” but then everyone dropped out but me and Patty. We decided that for once we would follow through on an idea and not just let it go. The others said they didn’t want to come because the cabin had no air conditioning. Patty and I had a secret that we didn’t share — he had recently gotten a portable air conditioner, and we were bringing it with us! I am sure if everyone knew that there woul;d be climate control they would have come with us on the trip, but it was a test of sorts. They had already committed to going, so dropping out over the A/C issue was a jerk move, so now we were making our own jerk move in response! The little air conditioner fit easily in the trunk of the car, and was strong enough for cooling off the entire cabin! Mind you, there were only two of us, and if all eight people were crammed into the same cabin the little A/C unit would not have been strong enough. But our friends don’t know that, and we aren’t telling them!

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