A rash of AC burglaries

He was trying to sneak into the house and he stepped on the animal trap

Recently there has been a rash of air conditioning unit burglaries in our area. To me, I find it kind of odd that anyone would want to steal an air conditioning unit. They are so easy to find in the junkyards if you really want to cannibalize one. My mother was so worried about someone taking her air conditioning unit that she booby trapped it. She had my brother go out and buy some traps and put them around the air conditioning. She knew that if anyone or anything got caught in the trap, she would know it soon. She then had the animal trap chained to the air conditioning unit and an alarm that went directly to the police department. I was nearly laughing when she told me what she was doing. I couldn’t believe she was so paranoid or that my brother was so stupid as to go along with ehr plan. A couple weeks later, I received a phone call from the hospital. My brother had been admitted and my mother was too distraught to drive home. I was so worried about my brother and my mom that I took off without asking any questions. I about busted a gut when I saw my brother with his ankled mangled and he told me what had happened. He had come home drunk, from a frat party. He was trying to sneak into the house and he stepped on the animal trap. When he tried to run, he set off the alarm which brought the police to the house and that is when my mom woke up.


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