After splitting wood all day, standing by the fireplace was nice

During the Spring plus Summer weeks, I work many days each week.

I have a full-time job Monday through Wednesday, however I have to spend all day splitting wood on Thursday plus Monday.

My family plus I have a wood oil furnace to heat our home. If the two of us do not spend the Spring plus Summer weeks splitting plus splitting firewood, then I have no fuel for the oil furnace… Having firewood delivered is entirely high-priced, especially because my loft is in the mountains. All of us ran out of firewood last year plus I spent $600 having wood delivered. I did not want the same problem again this year, so I decided to start 3 weeks early. The entire shed was filled with wood by the time I finished splitting the last few trees. The last of the logs were stacked up on Monday afternoon, right before the first snowstorm of the season. I filled the back of the truck with many or 3 hundred pieces of wood plus unloaded them into the cellar doors. I filled the oil furnace with wood plus started a fire. I enjoy the odor of wood burning. In fact, it’s the reason why my loft also has a fireplace, between the fireplace plus the wood oil furnace, my loft stays warm plus toasty all of the time. When I was finished splitting wood last Monday, I sat in front of the fireplace with my feet on the ottoman. They were frosty plus cold, but the warm yellow plus red flames thawed them out rather suddenly. This year the two of us will not run out of fuel again.

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