Air conditioning would have saved the wedding

We kept all of the windows and doors wide open, but the little breeze didn’t help much

I had the dumb idea that an outside wedding would be amazing. I searched around until I found a beautiful field with a little lake and wildflowers and chose it as the perfect location. My family and I spend the day prior to the wedding setting up a gazebo, rows of chairs and all sorts of potted flowers for decoration. On the night before, there was a huge rainshower. It rained so hard that it turned the ground to mud. In the morning, just in time for the ceremony, the sun came out and the temperature shot up to ninety degrees. The humidity was a nightmare. There were flies and mosquitoes all over the place. My entire bridal party was dripping sweat and everyone was swatting at insects. The best man stepped in duck poop. Everyone ended up badly sunburned and the dresses were ruined. It would have really great to have access to a thermostat and some air conditioning. I was just relieved that I was smart enough to hold the reception indoors. The bridal party and guests were in a huge rush to get inside the locale. We skipped wedding pictures outdoors just because we were all so miserable. It was just wonderful inside the air conditioned limousine. I enjoyed the ride to the locale. I hoped to stepped inside the receptional hall and cool off. Instead, there was a problem. It didn’t feel much cooler than the outdoor conditions. I searched out a supervisor and asked why there was no air conditioning. He said that the A/C had malfunctioned the evening before. They had scheduled emergency repair but the HVAC contractor had not yet shown up. We kept all of the windows and doors wide open, but the little breeze didn’t help much. The locale was way too hot and sticky for comfort. The cake melted and no one wanted to dance. Just about everybody left early.


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