Bees in the apartment ductwork

I have an apartment complex that I rent out to different people.

My renter on the first floor is so needy. She constantly calls me for something. She has called me for a clogged drain, a light that won’t turn on and a stove burner that won’t light. It is a typical girl who cried wolf situation. I stopped answering her calls since I was sick of talking to her. She started calling me every day for an entire week and leaving messages. I never responded until my other renters began calling me. Apparently the first floor had a bee infestation. The bees must have flew into the outdoor air vent and nested in my renters ductwork. When I walked into the apartment I could hear the buzzing of bees in the walls and ceiling. I can’t believe my renter was still living there with that many nests in the wall. What if the bees decided to fly out through her ductwork? I tried to get an HVAC contractor to do ductwork cleaning, but the guy wasn’t touching that problem. I then had to call a bee removal company that specializes in the safe transport of bees. I did not personally care if the bees lived or died. I just wanted the bees out of my building. The bee removal service consisted of a guy with a giant vacuum who scuked up the bees. He then had a team remove the nests from the ductwork. It was a quick service and well worth it. I do feel sort of bad for my renter that had to live with the bees for so long.


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