Car accident gave me time to reconsider my life choices

I was on my way to work several months ago, and I was running late.

I knew that I was going to miss my afternoon meeting if I did not speed up and make up some time.

I did not want someone else to get the promotion. I was going pretty fast and I almost missed my exit. I was 2 lanes over from the exit when I decided to cross traffic at the last moment. A car hit me from behind and we’re all over the highway. I got hit by a truck from the front as well, my vehicle was totally disfigured and the paramedic had to break me out of the car. My arm and both legs were broken in the accident. I had to spend numerous weeks in the hospital while my body healed from the wounds. I couldn’t get up or down on my own and I couldn’t even go to the bathroom by myself. Thankfully, the hospital staff was nice and the room was comfortable. I had my own control component to control the heat plus the a/c. The control component was connected to the call button, and I could change the temperature to anything I wanted. I tried to keep the temperature around 74, because that’s how I prefer it at home. During that time, I thought about the accident a lot. I began to realize that my job was running my life and I knew it was time for a change. After I left the hospital, I took some time off task to prioritize my future. I did not want the future to look the same as the time before the accident.


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