Carrying Your Thermostat Around with You

If you read that headline, you might have thought that I am crazy saying you can carry your thermostat around with you.

If you gave it a minute’s thought, you might have said to yourself that I must have meant thermometer.

But, no, I meant thermostat – smart thermostat, that is. You see, one of the coolest things about this recently developed HVAC technology is that it can be operated with an app on your phone. That means if you are going through security at the airport on the way to your dream vacation in Italy, and you suddenly think you forgot to set the thermostat accordingly, all you have to do is whip out your handy cell, pull up the thermostat app, and tell your smart thermostat that you will be gone for two weeks. Half the time, when I think I have forgotten something, it turns out I didn’t forget. Turning around and going back home is just a waste of time when that happens. Smart thermostats are indeed very clever, and they do learn your heating and cooling needs based on your habits. So far, though, they don’t read minds, so your a/c won’t know when you are breaking that work-to-home routine unless you tell it. Of course, if you have also chosen the smart a/c sensors as part of your really modern heating and cooling system, you wouldn’t even have to tell it. Your HVAC could sense you weren’t there! The future is now as far as HVAC technology is concerned. It is not something we often think about until it is time to upgrade, but the next time you have to replace your system, I guarantee you will be amazed.

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