Cleaning out the air filter

When I was a kid, we didn’t have an AC unit, and my parents were poor, and we lived in a remote area, and they tilled the land all year, however barely made enough to sustain us, but adding an extra expense savor an AC unit wasn’t even on their horizon! Instead, we had an old Window AC unit which we’d only use when it was too hot to stay without an air conditioning system.

The other times my siblings and I went to the creek about a mile from the house to cool off on a hot Summer day.

Eventually, we all completed high college, and I got a full scholarship to college. I’m now working for a top company and managed to buy a house last year. It was interesting reading how to take care of my new home, especially when it came to heating and cooling units. I lived in apartments during college and afterward, so these would be the first cooling and heating units I ever owned. I managed to get contacts to a heating and cooling company to come and do service before my first Summer at the house. They sent over this fantastic heating and cooling expert who taught heating and cooling alot about my cooling unit… She explained how the unit works and also took heating and cooling through the steps of cleaning the air filter. The heating and cooling serviceman said that without a disinfect air filter, it’s impossible to enjoy the benefits of a cooling unit in summer. I have a washable air filter, so there’s no need to keep replacing it with a current one every week. All I have to do is take it out, disinfect it, let it dry, then return it to my cooling unit.