Decided to add some rooms to the attic space

For a long time, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with the attic space.

I just kept a few things up there for storage, but there was so much space up there.

I finally decided to start working and made a couple of bedrooms up there. I figured this would be perfect to have guests come over and they could easily stay the night. When I was working, I made sure to have my air purifier running because the air quality was not so great in the attic space. With the air purifier working for about 30 minutes, the air quality improved a great deal. This made it bearable for me to get going with the framework and then I went on to putting the drywall in place and finishing everything up with mudding and sanding. The painting was not too fun but I had a cross breeze with the windows opened up there. I ended up having a ventilation system installed up there along with a powerful UV air purification system to keep the air quality perfect. I also ended up installing a ductless mini split system so that all the bedrooms I added could have their own temperature control settings, fully customized. When I had people come out to visit, they were amazed with my accomplishment. The attic doesn’t look anything like it used to. It used to look kind of spooky and you felt like you didn’t want to be up there. Well now it’s very bright with good lighting, excellent climate control, and the air quality is amazing.

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