Does your ceremony have heating or air?

As a photographer, I often go to unusual arenas all week long… The events I love the best are the ones that have official heating, ventilation, and A/C, however being comfortable does absolutely impact the quality of the pictures that I take, then as soon as I arrive at a wedding, or other event, I can tell if arena has nice temperature control or not, but if it has nice temperature control, I know I will have a nice day at work. If it doesn’t, I know it will not be so great. I want to be able to give my buyers relaxing pictures to remember their huge afternoons. That is why I have extravagant cameras and other component and I take nice care of them too. Is it so much to ask that the arenas I labor also have the official equipment; love air conditioning and heating? I don’t care if it is an outside event, at least the tents should have official heating and air so I can sizzling up or cool down, depending on what the weather is doing. I would know that my buyers would want to be comfortable for their huge afternoons too. And yet, multiple don’t even know to ask about heating or air conditioning. They either know the arena has it or that they can’t get it outdoors, however lately I have been asking for confirmation of heat and air before I take a task. I can afford to; What I can not afford is to be uncomfortable all day long while trying to perfect my medium.


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