Ductless mini split units are great for tiny homes

After obsessing over tiny homes for a year, I finally stayed inside one of them.

I had been dreaming about renting a tiny home, just to have the experience.

I am not a minimalist, but I would consider living in one of these homes, especially because they are the perfect size for me and my dog. Tiny homes have become a trend as of late, and many of these homes are quite stylish and the one that I rented was so comfortable that I forgot that I was in a small space. I had everything I needed for a comfortable stay. The home had a full bathroom, full kitchen, a living space, a queen size bed, tons of storage, and most importantly, it had climate control. Having a way to heat and cool this small space efficiently is important for the comfort of the home. And from what I discovered is that most tiny homes either use window A/C units or they install the ductless mini split A/Cs that provide both cooling and heating capabilities. It was my first time using a ductless mini split unit, and I didn’t notice any difference between it and a regular HVAC unit. In fact, it kept the tiny home extremely comfortable for the entire time that I was there. While the ductless mini split system is not optimal for every space or for every home, they are perfect for small spaces. Not only is the unit efficient, but it also takes up very little space inside and outside the tiny home. I am not switching to a tiny home anytime soon, but I am glad that I was able to experience the night in one.

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