Ductless plan is perfect

When my husband & I first got married, our house was the perfect size for the more than one of us.

Over the years, we’ve added numerous children & more than one cats to our family.

The house became terribly cramped. We decided the kids needed to each have their own rooms, which necessitated a sizeable addition. The most hard part of our project was determining how to handle temperature control. In the part where every one of us live, the weather is extreme just about all year round. We need some type of whole-house heating & cooling system. The existing house was already equipped with a forced air furnace & central air conditioner. We considered extending the duct plan to the current space however were reluctant to sacrifice square footage & invest so much currency… Plus, every one of us upset that the smaller furnace & air conditioner wouldn’t be able to handle the extra demand. We started looking into an pick that could be installed separate from a huge drain on our budget! After some research, I came across ductless systems. A ductless heat pump provides both heating & cooling capacity. A single outdoor compressor connects to up to 8 individual air handlers. The air handlers are mounted up high on the wall & feature a separate thermostat. This allows the temperature in each room to be customized to personal preference. The ductless heating & cooling plan includes inverter technology that automatically adapts speeds to demand. The plan is able to run longer at lower speeds, conserving energy & offering more even temperature. The ductless multi-chop plan provided the ideal solution to the needs of our house addition.

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