Easy Tips for Saving Money on HVAC Use

My dad always said that money didn’t grow on trees.

  • It’s funny that he must have said this when I was just a little kid because I still picture a money tree in my mind.

Wow, I could certainly use one of those trees right now. Stretching the paycheck is getting harder and harder every single year. It’s as though the costs keep rising while our income stays so very flat. We do our very best to keep our household costs in check. My wife and I spend at least a few hours per week discussing bills and purchases. Our budget is challenging so, we go after costs that seem as though they can get cut. HVAC use is a big one. We used to just bite the bullet and write the check for huge utility bills during the summer. We thought this was just part of life. Lately, however, we have been able to be more proactive regarding HVAC energy savings. It started with the easy fixes. I went around our home and sealed every crack, hole or gap in the exterior of our home. I then went up and sealed the perimeter of the attic. While I was up there, I even threw on some additional layers of insulation where there were thin spots. Next, I tackled the direct sun issue. We live where there just isn’t any natural shade. The sun is just beating down on us from every angle. We tried to be diligent about pulling the drapes but we were always forgetting. So, we put up solar plastic cling on our windows. Just these few simple things ended up saving us upwards of 15 percent.


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