Find the Money for HVAC Maintenance

I’m old, in my fifties so, I have a hard time with some of the costs that we simply take for granted these days.

Spending a hundred plus dollars to take my family for a movie in an HVAC air conditioned theater and then for pizza seems a bit over the top.

It seemed so absurd that I even did the numbers relative to inflation and dollar value. And, it still comes out that we are being ripped off. But, I tend to keep these sentiments to myself because I sound like such an old grump. Instead, I find myself attempting to cut every penny from our household budget that I am able to. I just keep watching some of my favorite pastimes going by the wayside. First, it was the good Scotch. Then it was the good cigars. Now, I am actually considering dropping out of my golf league to save some discretionary dollars. However, I will not be giving up enjoying being cool and comfortable in my home. The HVAC unit is on the no cut list. I’m happy to proactively save on kilowatt hours when it comes to the HVAC. However, that’s where I draw the line. My wife suggested we cut out the semi annual maintenance program for the heating and cooling system. I rarely give a flat “no” to my wife but, in this instance I certainly did. There is no way we are putting our HVAC system in jeopardy to save some money. My recommendation was to fire the lawn people and make our kids do the yard work. Actually, that is a fine idea and I plan to implement it if only to get my cigars back.


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