Getting some energy saving tips later

The skies are filling up with fluffy gray clouds, which hopefully won’t last too long so I don’t get rained out later when I am hitting the streets.

I guess it is just some passing clouds and it should be clear and sunny later when we go out to do our jam.

I just got back from the beach and I still have this pretty girl’s image in my brain. Maybe I need to go back and talk to her because she was alone and she is too pretty to ignore. Should I give it a shot? My local contractor friend hits on every woman he sees, something that I don’t like to do when working at the HVAC company each day like he does. He just doesn’t care about dignity or anything and will hit on any woman he wants. I’ve always been more reserved when it comes to talking to women and prefer to have a long term relationship than jumping around all the time. I meet women in the heating and cooling corp all the time but I have a certain taste and will keep doing my HVAC tech work there till she walks in the door one day. Hopefully her name is Kat and she comes back to me one more time so we can make a good life together like I thought we were going to do! Kat was a cooling worker and we met when I worked for the local contractor back in the day and I am still waiting for her to come back to me. Patience.


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