How I broke my first air conditioner

I am probably what you would consider a violent man.

  • I have never hit anyone, and I try my hardest not to get angry or feel violent towards people.

When I get angry, my natural instinct is to break something around me. My dad always broke stuff when he got angry, and I guess that I learned that bad habit from him. During my first argument with my wife, I broke my first air conditioner. It was the end of spring, and my wife wanted me to install the air conditioner. We couldn’t afford a central air conditioner at the time. We had a window air conditioner, and it was my job to carry the air conditioner down the steps from the attic. I successfully made it all the way down the stairs with the air conditioner without tripping or dropping the air conditioner, but as I approached the window, I stubbed my toe on the chair. I immediately got angry, but I tried to hold it in. However, when I heard my wife make fun of me for hurting myself, I grabbed the air conditioner and threw it on the floor. There was a huge crashed, and the air conditioner cracked in several places. Thankfully, we had carpet, or it would have destroyed the floor as well. My wife was shocked, and immediately, she began crying. I apologized to her, and then I went to the store and purchased another air conditioner. I have never broken another air conditioner, but I feel the same violent rage whenever something similar happens. I really need to work on controlling that.

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