HVAC Repair Means Ceiling Repair

After about two years of complaining about the heating and cooling in my office suite of rooms, the property manager has decided to replace the HVAC unit in our office.

I know it costs a lot of money to replace a heating and cooling unit, so I really can’t blame her and the owner for not doing it sooner. Cost, I’m sure, was not the only factor, though. I think our HVAC system throughout all five stories of the building is complicated. The whole time we have been in the office, my boss has always complained about being hot. He sets his thermostat on 70, but the room temperature never gets below 73. Usually it is around 76, but on a good day, it will get down to 73. Also the whole time we have been in the building, the a/c guys have told me that there is a single unit that serves just my boss’s office. They have also said there is a separate HVAC unit that serves my office and the reception area, but that a/c unit and thermostat are both housed in the offices across the hall from our suite. IN other words, some complete strangers controlled my air conditioning without even knowing it. But now, when they have come to fix it, they are saying that the a/c unit in the ceiling above my boss’s office serves my area, while it is his that is served by the one across the hall. They replaced the HVAC unit that supposedly serves my area, but he is always the one that is hot! I don’t think they replaced the right one, but no one is listening to me. One day, while one guy was in there all along, I heard a loud crash and ran in to discover that the ceiling had caved in. So now we need a ceiling repair.

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