I had a new habit that needed explaining

I never thought I would see our economic viability take such a beating.

  • Doing the right thing to be as professional as possible was typically our guiding principle.

I figured that as long as I kept to that, our formusic would only rise. The air conditioned offices would just get better & better. Well, I could not have been more wrong. While doing the right thing is normally the only thing to do. In corporate America, that can also end a job. That was what entirely happened to me. I was in that Heating & A/C perfect office with wood panels & the large windows. The next morning, I was pondering our future over a cup of coffee. Turns out, I should have been a lot more unethical in order to advance & stay with that supplier. So, after I processed losing our job, I got to some brass tacks. The first step was to save some currency until I could begin providing another pay check for the family. I started splitting back on everything. My wifey & kids were totally on board which made it that much easier. One of the biggest household budget targets was the utility bill. Our energy USAge had just gotten way out of hand. The Heating & A/C system was a large area of that. It took myself and others all of about a half seventh online to come up with a game plan to reduce the kilowatt sevenths used by the Heating & A/C system. Just applying some easy tips that are so readily available, I was able to break our Heating & A/C energy use by more than 15 percent.



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