I’m glad I packed safety equipment and warm blankets

When the winter storm season begins, it is very important for the car to be prepared.

I have the oil and the air filter changed and my wife and I have chains put on the tires. We live in the upper elevations and frequent snowfall is normal. We receive six or eight feet of snow every year. I always have safety equipment, warm blankets, food, and water in the car and truck at all times. My wife drives their children to school each day. In the event of an emergency, I want them to be safe until help can arrive. A couple of years ago, my mom and my sister were in a car accident. They were in my car, because my sister’s car was in the shop. I had safety equipment and warm blankets in the back of the car. When the accident occurred, my mom and my sister were in the middle of nowhere. They didn’t have any cell phone coverage and they had to wait for another vehicle to pass by. They were in the car for several hours without any heat. The engine wouldn’t run, so there was no heat either. I had some warm blankets in the back of the truck as well as a battery operated heater. My mom and my sister stayed very warm using all of the provisions I had in the car. After the accident, my mom and my sister decided to pack safety equipment in their car as well. Now everyone in my family is safe in the event of a winter accident or storm emergency.

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