I’m so Relaxed now After a Long Day of Beach Volleyball

Okay so I hit the beach today after doing my daily yoga routine.

I think I was out there by 1pm and finished playing at around 5:45pm, so I spent almost five hours in the sand playing. I don’t know if you are on the beach much, but moving your body in the sand is a lot more work than hard ground. It really works the legs and right now I am sitting with an icepack on my left shoulder and elbow. I’ve been playing for almost 30 years and it’s a part time job trying to keep the body together. I like to take an ice cold dip in the sea and then immediately get home in front of my furnace after a hot bath. Tomorrow morning I will be swimming gently on my back in the ice cold water for 10 minutes, great for joint pain. I also prefer to sleep with the a/c set at about 68 F for the best night of sleep. The body seems to sleep better when it is slightly cold in the room, just pile a bunch of blankets on top of you. It reminds me of sleeping at my grandma’s lake house when it was freezing cold out and we had a fire burning in the fireplace. They would sleep with the windows open a little bit to get some fresh air in the house. The fire would go out in the fireplace while we were sleeping and they would set the central heat to about 60 F, so it rarely turned on. I loved sleeping in that cold house.


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