Interview with an HVAC tech

When I grew up, I always wanted to be a radio DJ. I didn’t want to be on TV, I wanted to be a voice on the radio, doing interviews and playing music. That seemed like an amazing life .So of course when I had the chance to start my own podcast I jumped at it! Right away it was much harder than I anticipated, and writing material for shows was too much for me. I decided to change course and make the show a spotlight on local businesses and personalities, and do a lot of interviews. My first show involved an HVAC tech, who I had met the previous month when he came over to fix my air conditioning. For my first interview it was a home run, because I had no idea how many crazy stories an HVAC tech would have! I assumed it would basically be nothing but air conditioner tune-ups and furnace replacements, and he said that did cover most of his work… but that he had a few wild stories. Once he got called to a house filled with two dozen nude senior citizens to fix their air conditioning in the middle of a party. Another time he got hired by a pot farmer to install a geothermal heat pump and a climate control system in an underground grow room. Finally, he talked about finding a gun in an air duct, and later finding out from the cops it was evidence of a crime! I had to have him come back again, because he just had so many great stories!

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