Keeping demanding boss happy with installation of a smart thermostat

I take better care of Sandy while also better managing the HVAC cooling system

My name is Mandy. I have an awesome job as a personal assistant for a semi-famous actress and singer named Sandy. Most everyone knows that Sandy is a diva. I agree that she is very demanding. Sandy simply has specific requirements and strict tastes. She is never shy about making her desires known. Sany refuses to be kept waiting and is unwilling to waste time. But she is a busy gal and likes to be punctual. She often eats on the run and gets little sleep. As her personal assistant, my priority is to keep Sandy happy. I work hard to handle her needs before she has an issue. Sandy is very firm about her preferences when it comes to temperature settings. She is only comfortable within a narrow range. Sandy has difficulty sleeping if the thermostat is not set to exactly 70 degrees during the Summer and 75 during the winter. Throughout the day, she prefers warmer temperature all year round. In the summer, she will tolerate up to 74 degrees. In the winter, she will allow down to 77. Whenever Sandy is involved in any type of workout, from yoga to kick boxing, she insists on much cooler temperatures. When I first began as her assistant, I was constantly racing around, adjusting the thermostat to accommodate her. I figured out a better way to simplify my responsibilities and make Sandy’s life easier and more comfortable. I hired an HVAC professional to install a smart thermostat. The WIFI thermostat adapts to accommodate Sandy’s preferences. It makes adjustments according to our schedule. If there’s a sudden change of plans, it’s simple to alter the temperature. I have remote access through an app on my smartphone. With a tap of my finger, I raise or lower the temperature from virtually anywhere. I also benefit from reminders for air filter changes and maintenance needs. I get alerts for any problems. I take better care of Sandy while also better managing the HVAC cooling system. I’ve also saved Sandy a significant amount on her energy bills.

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