Keeping notes helped me get on track with everything

I have been keeping notes in various notebooks for a long time.

There was a time when I didn’t do this and I would always be forgetful about things.

Now I always keep my latest notebook with me and I regularly write down reminders of appointments or even who called and I take messages for my wife. I also write down when I get my air filter changed in my HVAC system. In the past I would always forget when it’s time to have the air filter changed next, so I would just wing it for the most part. Because of my forgetfulness I ended up neglecting my HVAC system with a lack of maintenance and not enough air filter changes. The air filter changes were the biggest issue. The HVAC professional asked me why I wasn’t changing the air filter regularly and I told him about my forgetfulness. He’s actually the one who suggested that I keep a notebook and write down everything. I started doing that and it was the best thing for me. I never forgot any air filter changes after that and I am always calling for regular HVAC system tune-ups these days. They are always trying to talk me into signing up for an HVAC service plan, but I honestly don’t have the desire to get into a contract. They say I will save a lot of money and everything, but I’m okay with the service I am getting. They even said they would call me to remind me about appointments, but I don’t need any of that because of my trusty notebook.

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