Keeping up with a friend

When he said it was time, I was cheerful

My best friend and his lady broke up a couple of days ago and the guy has been a train wreck since it happened. He found out that his lady was dating numerous guys, and when he confronted her she didt care about how he felt. This made him break down as Jack went deranged and started yelling and screaming. She called the police to have him removed from the dance club. After the breakup, Jack was depressed and miserable. He spent a couple of days at our house, but I didn’t want the guy to be alone because I was afraid he might go back to the dance club and cause a scene. Jack came over to our place and stayed a couple of days. While he was there, he drove myself and others crazy. He complained about his ex lady all the time. He also adjusted the AC temperature control every chance he got. Even after I asked the guy not to change the temperature on the AC temperature control, he still woke up in the middle of the night and adjusted the indoor air. I was feeling severely frustrated with our friend, however I didn’t want to complain when he was feeling so awful. I put up with the colder temperatures for a few more days and then Jack went back to his apartment. He was starting to feel better and I was growing eager for him to leave. When he said it was time, I was cheerful. I immediately adjusted the temperature control after Jack left to go back to his apartment. Finally, I had the place to myself again.


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