Landscapers break coolant pipe

I am so mad I could spit.

The landscaping company that our housing development uses mowed over my air conditioner line.

Of course, the like broke and all of our refrigerant escaped. So the air conditioner is not working. I did not know this until I got home from work and noticed that the house was very hot and warm air was coming out of the ducts. I went outside to see if I could find the reason why. I was not really expecting to be able to see the problem, because I’m not a qualified HVAC technician. However, I could easily see a big gash in the pipe leading from the compressor to the house. Today was law mowing day so it had to have been the lawn mowers. I called up the landscaping company to complain but they said it wasn’t them. Who else could it have been? This mark was either made by a lawn mower blade or else someone intentionally attacked my HVAC system with an axe. My money is on it being a lawnmower blade. I left a message for the housing manager too but I doubt that I will hear back until tomorrow. I can’t wait until then to get my HVAC system fixed so I called up my usual HVAC repair guys. They were able to come out that night and replace the broken pipe and then refill the refrigerant. An emergency visit like this was not cheap. You can bet that I am holding onto the repair bill and that I intend to make the landscaping company pay for it.


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