Local signs and graphics company was able to help me

I have a small Schnauzer dog and he is filled with so much character! His name is Chance, and he is 5 years old, and I have had him since he was only 8 weeks old.

  • I remember the first time I saw his adorable face, I completely fell in love with him.

Anyway, I have a small backyard and it’s the perfect size for Chance. He’s a small 15-pound dog so he just needed a small area to run around in. I often left him outside in the yard and kept the door open in case he wanted to come back inside, and this worked for us until one day when Chance found a way to escape from the yard. There was a small opening in the fence that I didn’t realize was there. Well, I panicked when I realized that Chance was gone and I wasn’t sure what to do. I went around the neighborhood to see if I could find him, but to no avail! My sibling suggested that I have some flyers made as well as arena them around the village. I didn’t have a way to print those flyers, so I went to a local signs and graphics dealer, and they were able to print 50 flyers for me. I placed these flyers all over our neighborhood and in nearby areas. After a day, I received a phone call as well as someone had found Chance in their backyard. Thankfully, I was able to get those flyers printed because I recognize they helped to get Chance back to me sooner. I have fixed the fence now, so Chance is safe inside the yard.

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