Making a big switch in my life

This year, I’ve decided that I desperately want to go back to university in the fall.

I don’t want to go to school or to attend any university, though.

I’ve decided that what I actually guess I want to do at the moment is go into the heating and cooling business. This is something that has very honestly taken me by surprise. I never actually even realized that I was mildly interested in the Heating and Air Conditioning corporation at all until I started regularly reading this blog on an Heating and Air Conditioning website 1 day while I was at work. I, for no reason, just happened to stumble across this website while I was doing some major research for another project and it actually interested me. The article mentioned the current job market for nice Heating and Air Conditioning suppliers and the helpful fact that you can basically find a job anywhere at all in the country that you might want to pack up and transfer to. I’ve been dealing with a little bit of wanderlust lately and so, of course, the thoughts of moving anywhere else and becoming an Heating and Air Conditioning supplier most certainly appealed to me at that moment. I have been thinking of all the separate arenas I could transfer to if only I had our Heating and Air Conditioning certification fully completed and ready to go! That’s when I decided to go back to our local technical university sometime during this year and get our Heating and Air Conditioning certification. I guess that in the end, once I’m done with that, I will be able to make a better plan in the heating and cooling field.


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