Making the HVAC Debate

A quicker decision might have been more helpful.

I scour the internet and hassle my friends.

It just doesn’t seem to ever stop. This HVAC debate needs some sort of solution. My home is well over 25 years old with the original HVAC system. The heating and cooling unit is so out of date and ineffective that I wonder which day will be its last. From all the resources I researched, I put together what appears to be some agreed upon details for HVAC replacement. First, my HVAC system is twice the normal 10 year average life span for a heating and cooling system. The SEER rating is so beyond efficient that it makes our current HVAC obsolete. However, we have been able to dodge a major breakdown due to the excellent maintenance provided by our local heating and air company. We had them come out once in the spring and once in the fall to service our HVAC unit. However, over the last year we have had to call the HVAC guys out far too often. I feel fairly sure that this is the last lap for our trusted heating and cooling unit. What really put me over the tipping point of whether to replace the HVAC unit or not was the R 22 factor. R 22 is a type of refrigerant used in older, out of date heating and cooling units. This refrigerant will be illegal at the beginning of 2020. However, the ultimate factor in the debate is whether it is wise to count on a 20 year old heating and cooling system. It’s probably not a great bet.

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