My friend has a pretty cool AC marketing job

My friend definitely didn’t want to let her own friend down and that meant that she did not want to arrive late for the event that was planned. Of course it was important to arrive on time when he was in charge of the whole anniversary get together. No one was expecting her to arrive late and we did not want to be a disappointment. Earlier during the afternoon when times were occurring there was a person that was selling to say that she was going to be late. I wasn’t even going to pick up the phone, so I guess it is a good thing that I decided to do that. She was talking about having a get-together with some other folks and it was an important part of the night for this person to be there. The problem turned out to be an issue with the heating and addition to AC system. As soon as the repair person was done fixing the heating, ventilation in addition to AC repair, the worker came to the party to be there for the second half. I was still regularly annoyed about the fact that the worker did not come when she was supposed to, but what else are you going to do when it is necessary to have the help. The marketing job is pretty cool and she does not have to work very often. If the boss would have been more understanding it would not be such a big deal to any one of the people working for the heating, ventilation in addition to AC company.

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