My friend owns an AC repair business

I don’t want to sound like a whiner, but if someone could erase the last 18 months from my life I would appreciate it.

There was the divorce, getting fired from work, losing my house, and that isn’t to mention the COVID pandemic happening all the while! Trying to reorganize your whole life is a whole lot harder in the midst of a lockdown, but that’s what I have been dealing with. If it wasn’t for my pal Mike, I might not have survived it all. As it stands I don’t live like a king, I actually have a cot in the back room of Mike’s air conditioning shop. While I was going to college, Mike was starting the grind in the heating and cooling business, which proved to be a smart move. I accrued a ton of student loan debt, and he was already saving up money to start his own A/C repair business. Thankfully he didn’t say “I Told you so” he just offered me a place to stay, amidst the stacks of old air conditioner parts he has filling up his work room. Because I don’t know the first thing about HVAC repair I can’t really help him out in return, but I still want to try. As a way of paying him back a little bit, I’m spending a few hours every night in the HVAC company front office, organizing the files and such. Mike is great with fixing air conditioners, but his filing system is a disaster, so maybe this will help him out a little bit.


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