My mom doesn’t like to run the AC

It’s not that I wanted to go live with my mother during the COVID lockdown, I just felt I had no choice in the matter.

After her third husband, my stepdad, passed away, she has been on a slow and steady decline physically.

Mentally she is still sharp as a tack, which means she refuses to go into a care facility. Still, her body is not as strong as her mind, and the idea of her being cooped up alone for so many months didn’t sit well with me. So I moved in with her, for what turned out to be over a year! The first issue we had was the thermostat, because apparently my mom has a raging inferno inside of her at all times. I swear it was almost ninety degrees outside, and well over 80 inside, and mom still wouldn’t turn on the air conditioning because she was too cold. She was wearing a sweater, and I am dripping sweat and praying for her to fall asleep so I can crank down the A/C. This was not a one time event though, in general my mother runs very hot, and doesn’t like to turn the air conditioning on at all. Instead of turning into a constant war over the thermostat, I just went on Amazon and bought a little portable A/C unit for my bedroom. It is only strong enough for cooling down one room, but as long as I have a little oasis of AC where I can retreat, then I can handle the rest!

a/c set up