My sister called me up crying

My sister was actually crying when she called me up this one winter morning. She said that her heating system quit working and all she had was a couple of portable heating devices to keep them from freezing to death. She said everybody was wearing as many blankets as they had and they couldn’t afford to have an HVAC professional perform emergency HVAC services. She said she called different HVAC companies and they were all backed up unless HVAC emergency services were requested. Well, fortunately for her, I paid attention when our father was teaching us how to work on things like the heating system. He said most often the issue was with lack of air filter changes, worn parts, or even a lack of doing tune-ups. Well, I definitely knew how to do tune-ups, I saved a lot of money by knowing how to do these things. So I rushed over to my sister’s house with some additional portable heaters. I definitely needed at least one to work around her HVAC system. For starters, her furnace filter was totally clogged up. I told her that was the biggest issue, but also her heating system was totally filthy inside. Of course I had the power shut off to the HVAC while I was working on the inside. Fortunately none of the parts were too worn inside. After a very thorough cleaning and a new furnace filter, I was able to get her furnace fired up again. She couldn’t believe it and offered to pay me. I had to refuse, I was just helping out my sister in an emergency situation.

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