Need to call for emergency repair for the furnace

When the weather cooled off in early November, I turned up the thermostat and expected the heater to simply start up and warm up the house.

Instead, there was a very loud screeching sound and a bunch of dust in the air.

The gas furnace had sat idle all through the Spring and summer months, so I figured it was simply dusty. I hoped that once it ran a bit, the heater would work out any issues. Unfortunately, the integrity of the furnace worsened with time. The outside weather worsened, with temperatures down to twenty-five below zero. There was a vicious wind chill. The heating unit was forced to run all the time. It was managing a heavy workload and the demand was simply too great. I should have contacted an HVACe professional for repair. Instead, I waited and neglected the problems until the furnace abruptly quit. The heater quit during the middle of the night, when the temperature was in the negative digits. I couldn’t leave my family without a working furnace for several days. I had no option but to call for emergency overtime repair. I was charged quite a bit for the rushed service. When the HVAC technician checked out the gas furnace, he found a great deal of dust and other contaminants within the system. These allergens had restricted airflow and led to the gas furnace overheating. I was just relieved that the heat exchanger was still in working order. The repair wasn’t all that expensive and was completed quickly. The technician simply needed to perform a thorough cleaning. I should have called for maintenance for the furnace in the fall. This would have prepared the heater for the Winter time workload.

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