Our first argument in marriage had to do with the furnace

I remember my first year of marriage like it was yesterday.

  • Everything seemed to happen in a blur.

We were so in love with each other, and we promised each other that we would never yell or fight with each other like we had seen other couples do. Unfortunately, if you are married, you realize that this eventually fades, and you are going to disagree at some point and have an argument. Our first argument occurred over the furnace. I am honestly glad that our first fight wasn’t because we had different HVAC preferences or because we were changing the thermostat settings and making the other uncomfortable. Our first fight occurred because the furnace stopped working towards the middle of the fall. It was still a little chilly outside, but I figured that when the furnace stopped working, I would have a few days to fix it. However, my wife immediately began to panic about the need to fix the furnace. We both understood that we were struggling financially in the first few years of marriage, and we definitely did not have the money to fix our furnace at the moment. Neither of us wanted to use a credit card to fix our furnace, but it seemed like we had no choice. The stress of the entire situation caused us to start arguing, but we eventually regretted it. It has been a few years since that first argument, and I am happy to announce that I managed to fix our furnace. We have had many arguments since, but we have always worked them out.



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