Pet hair can clog your A/C filter and create issues with your HVAC unit

My sister Denise has been a pet lover ever since she was a child.

And when she turned 13, she convinced our parents to get her a dog with the promise to take full responsibility for it.

So, my parents got her a Beagle because it was a small dog that didn’t require a lot of maintenance. Surprisingly, she took care of that dog. She fed him, walked him, played with him, and more. Charlie was definitely her dog. It was no surprise that when she moved out of our parent’s house, she took Charlie to live with her. Sadly, shortly thereafter, he passed away and my sister was devastated. Eventually, she got a new furry friend, but this time she got a Husky. If you know anything about Huskies, they shed a lot and need lots of maintenance. But that’s what she wanted. Well, I just found out that she had some issues with her HVAC system due to all the pet hair and dander from her beloved pup. Turns out that her air conditioner filter was clogged from her pup’s fur which caused it to malfunction. A clogged filter can cause extra wear and tear on your HVAC unit. So, if you have a furry pet, especially one that sheds a lot, it’s best to vacuum regularly and check the A/C filter to make sure it’s not clogged. Better yet, it is always good practice to change the A/C air filter every 30 to 90 days. By checking and replacing the filter, you could be saving so much money on major repair costs. My sister learned that lesson and now she changes her filter every 30 days.


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