Plumber Called in to Work with HVAC Repair Crew

Recently, we had the HVAC repair crew working in my boss’s office.

We have been renting our office suite for about two years or so now, and the entire time we have been doing battle with the air conditioning.

It is just never right. Finally, the property manager and the owner agreed to do something about it, and the decision was made to replace one of the HVAC units. It’s a huge unit, and throughout the week, there were several different men working on the a/c in there. My boss decided to work from home while the whole mess was going on, and that was smart because there is no way he could have concentrated at all. I had no idea how much of a disruption it was going to be. That was just with the HVAC crew, and then I heard them calling their office to send out one of the plumbers. I couldn’t understand that, and since I always try to learn something when I can, I asked why they were calling a plumber to help replace air conditioning. It turns out that there were pipes that were “in the way,” whatever that means, so in order to fit the new heating and cooling unit in the space allotted, they had to move a water line. Near what the guy thought was the end of the adventure, all of a sudden the ceiling collapsed. There is insulation, ceiling tiles, metal trim work, and all sorts of stuff piled up on the floor. It looks a lot better than when it happened because they did clean up, but when my boss sees it, his OCD is going to kick in and he is going to panic.


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