Portable air conditioner is the right choice

When I was a kid, portable air conditioners were very large and extremely heavy. I remember it required two people to fit the air conditioner into the opening of the window. The bulky equipment stuck out into the room and dripped water on the floor. It made a tremendous amount of noise and allowed very limited adjustment. The cooling unit was either on or it was shut off. It could only operate at maximum capacity. The room with the portable air conditioner was always freezing cold. We would leave our doors open, hoping some of the cool air would spread throughout the house. Because of my unpleasant experience with window air conditioners during my childhood, I never wanted one as an adult. In the area where I live, central air conditioning isn’t really necessary. Our summer seasons tend to be brief and are sometimes cold and rainy. Now and then the temperature climbs into the high eighties with very unpleasant humidity levels. The hot and sticky conditions make it very uncomfortable and difficult to sleep at night. I finally decided to look into portable air conditioners and was surprised by the variety of options available. The units are extremely lightweight and compact, and they aren’t overly expensive. I spent less than two hundred dollars on a really energy efficient and quiet model that is powerful enough to handle the heat. It operates quietly, costs little to run and actively filters contaminants out of the air. The room stays cleaner, smells better and is definitely better for our health.

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