Rats in my air ducts

I hate rats. I like mice, and most rodents are ok in my book. There is something about seeing a rat that makes my arms break out into goosebumps. I get physically ill at the mere sight of a rat, so the idea that they could be hiding in my house makes me sick to my stomach. A few weeks ago I heard some sounds in the attic, that could only be tiny little rodents. If they were squirrels I could handle it, but if it was rats I would need to get an exterminator out ASAP. Things went into overdrive rapidly, because they got into my HVAC ducts and started contaminating the air quality for the whole house. Once I heard the little rap-a-tap-tap on the inside of the ductwork, I knew I had to shut the whole thing off, and then cover up all the air vent. First of all rats are repulsive and I can’t let them into the main house, but second they are full of disease, and now those germs are all over the inside of the HVAC ducts. In order to make my house safe and clean, with superior air quality, I needed to remove the pests, and then deep clean the entire system of air ducts! We went to stay in a hotel for a few days, because with no A/C and the thought of the rats in the house with me, I could not get any sleep. I have an exterminator coming over tomorrow, and the HVAC provider coming over the following day.


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