Smart temperature control tells me something needs fixing

My uncle asked me to watch her new home while she was out of the country; I was ecstatic to help because that meant a week residing in our aunt’s new home plus away from our parents, but my folks were a little apprehensive about it however I am an adult.

I should be in a place of our own by now however I can’t afford it with putting myself through school plus all, and so I stayed at our aunt’s new home out by the coast plus had our own mini holiday, however her new home is so nice plus I just love her little cat, and everything was going great until Sunday when her smart temperature control started beeping.

A message came on the temperature control screen saying that it needed servicing. I called up our dad plus she came over to take a look, the people I was with and I then looked it up online plus it said that this message means that something is wrong with the Heating plus Air Conditioning plan plus that both of us need to call out an Heating plus Air Conditioning business. It is kind of like the “check engine” light on your automobile I guess. The people I was with and I called the Heating plus Air Conditioning business from the magnet our uncle had on her fridge. They knew the new home plus came right out. It turned out that there was a small issue with the air conditioning however the Heating plus Air Conditioning business said it would have turned into a larger problem if it had not been addressed. My dad ended up staying the night plus both of us had fun at the beach, then she went back condo the next day. I guess I could have called the Heating plus Air Conditioning business separate from her help however I’m ecstatic she was so willing to drive out here to help out anyway. I guess our uncle will be ecstatic when she gets condo too.

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