Snow melt system affixs to boiler plus takes care of driveway plus walkways

Living in the north, the tremendous amount of snow all of us accumulate over the Winter is a problem… It takes a great deal of time plus effort to shovel walkways plus plow driveways; Eventually, the snow piles up plus blocks access to the garage, however the two of us get wet feet walking from the car to the house, plus there’s the danger of slipping on icy pavement, however because it snows so frequently, it’s necessary to maintain the sidewalks plus driveways nearly every day plus sometimes more than once per day, but my condo is equipped with a boiler gas furnace that is linked to a network of pipes concealed beneath the floor! Radiant floor heating is appealingly energy efficient plus effective, and no matter how freezing the weather, the condo is perfectly comfortable.

  • There’s no freezing pockets or drafts plus minimal stratification from floor to ceiling.

The component takes up no living space, makes no noise plus requires no service. The two of us decided all of us wanted these same benefits outside. The two of us tore up the driveway plus sidewalks plus installed a snowmelt system. It works entirely much care about the radiant floor gas furnace inside, then a series of pipes is hidden under the pavement plus links to the boiler in our basement. The boiler sends hot water through the pipes, which melts snow plus ice plus keeps the pavement bare. The snowmelt system automatically starts up when the temperature dips below chilly plus it senses moisture. There’s no longer any need to plow or shovel or walk through many feet of snow between the condo plus garage. I avoid dire snowmelt chemicals which can disfigure landscaping plus get tracked into the house.

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